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by KIANA JACKSON (Australia)

Issue 1.2   September 2019

Write the World Review - Because You're

You're deplorable, horrible, despicable, ignorable. 

You reiterate, evaluate, desiccate, and exacerbate. 

Can’t you accept the way you look? 

Why don't I look like that princess from that book? 

Cause. you don't. belong. 

And honey . . . your body is just so wrong 

Hold up, let's take it back a notch. 

I am not a parking ticket looking for your validation. 

You are no longer allowed to park for free in our nation.

I conform in this society, 

to be surrounded with variety. 

Not to be burdened in anxiety. 


Nothing seems to matter 

when your head is full of chatter.

“Gotta be flatter!" 


Why should we strive for perfection? 

When the media only specialise, 

those who deserve prizes, 

because of their perfect sizes. 

So look in the reflection, 

the only person holding you back

is your own. SELF. REJECTION. 


“Need to be that perfect size 0!” 

Isn't she, our hero? 

She's a model, 

but aren't are we all models, role models, to the ones just like us? 


There is no need to love your body with trepidation,

stuck at the bottomless pit of hesitation. 

False expectations appearing to be a real sensation? 

It comes with a real vibration.

Girl, you need a vacation. 


I look at endless pictures,

girls pencil thin and flat. 

I see them in the streets 

too scared to go and chat 


Let us grab your attention and tell you one thing:

we erase every imperfection through the fear of rejection. 

Making lists of what we ate and what we hate. 

Give it a break! 

Because we're human. Not fake.

Kiana Jackson, 14, is an expressive writer who is passionate about her dreams and aspirations. She lives each day inspired to live a better one tomorrow.

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