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by EVE DONALDSON (United Kingdom)

Issue 2.1   April 2020


“Mum and Dad, I've made up my mind,

I've thought about it—and I hope you'll be kind.

I've decided that I want a new best friend, 

A brave buddy on which I can depend.

I've decided—not just for me, but for you— 

That a dog would be great, and if you want, we can get two!”

“A dog? A dog . . . Well, well, I'm not sure—

Why not get something with a little less fur? 

Why not a hamster, which you can keep in your room,

Or why not a bird, so you can watch it zoom.

Or why not a fish, you can see it swim.

Why do you need a dog, why do you want him?”


“Mum, mum, stop making a fuss—

A dog is the animal for us.

We can take family trips with the dog in tow,

We can visit those parks that you're always nagging at me to go.

We can go and choose one from a shelter together.

It'll be a family adventure that you'll remember forever!”


“Son, son, a dog is a lot of work—

To walk it, to feed it, to learn all its quirks

I don't want to be mean, but I'm not sure you're ready, 

Have you looked in your room? You haven't even cleaned up your teddies!

I'll think about it in a while, a year or so, 

Maybe by then, my boy, we'll definitely know.”


“But Dad, a dog is the animal for me— 

I'll take it for walks and I'll make him his tea. 

I'll teach him all the fancy new tricks,

And I'll take him to the vet so he'll never get sick.

No, I'm sure—with all my heart,

For my first pet, a dog is where I want to start.”


“Mum, Dad, listen, please! 

I want a dog, and a dog wants me! 

I'll be his friend through thick and thin,

With a dog by my side, there's no battle we won't win.

I'll look after him, pay for him, I'll do all that . . . stuff.

I'll clean him and bathe him and he'll never look rough.”


"I'll also tell him not to leave too many hairs—

So, mum, you don't have to worry when you're vacuuming the stairs.

And, dad, you'll like him in the end, I swear, 

I'll even train him not to steal your chair! 

Any dog will do, it won't be tricky,

Old or young, I'm not that picky.

And if you get me a dog, I know, 

That we'll all love him, and we'll give him a home. 

So, please, Mum, Dad, if you care—

Get me a dog, it's only fair!”


“If you look after it, maybe it's true, 

A dog would be good—but definitely not two!

You'll have to train it, and walk it, too,

But if you're still sure, son, we'll see what we can do.”

Eve Donaldson, 16, is from Belfast, Northern Ireland. She enjoys both reading and writing, along with a lifelong habit of illustrating!

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#Childhood          #Family

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