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by ANNIE KIRKPATRICK (United States)

Issue 2.3   December 2020

dinner table in shadows

Rice piled on my plate like a cold white ant bed. Mom adjusted her glasses again. Perry dug her tongue into her cheek. She exaggerated a sigh, and Mom took the bait.


“Don’t you like the rice, Perry?”


“Not hungry.”


“Gram said Chinese was your favorite,” Mom said. She cut a limp vegetable and popped it in her mouth.

“Not yours,” Perry replied coldly.

Mom’s proud posture humbled itself. I looked at Perry; she was unrepentant. I lowered my eyes and poked at my food, silently wishing the divorce had only separated Mom from Dad.

Annie Kirkpatrick, age 17, is a high school senior from Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys reading and theater and is an avid Shakespeare fan. Above all, her passion is for creating characters and worlds through her writing that can transport readers to their own personal Wonderland.

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