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Issue 2.2    August 2020


I do not see the stars from where I stand 

but I know they are there.

You tell me “look up” (you hope we can share this). 

I smile and say “I see them, too.” 

I walk back inside


and sit at my kitchen table.

A half-empty box of cereal bears bright 

big letters and I want to send you a photo 

of the strange cartoon character.

But instead I sit 

and stare out the window 

willing the stars to come out. 

And I think, for a moment, that I 

see some silver light dancing

through the blackness of clouds (but it is only my imagination).

My phone pings 

and I stare at the screen, 

at the message from you.

A picture of a cereal box 

with a strange cartoon character.

And I look out the window 

and see how stars appear,

and I feel you sitting next to me 

as if you weren’t that far at all.

Anna O'Connor, 18, has always loved writing and is looking forward to studying English in university this coming school year. She lives in Ireland, a landscape that has always inspired her work. She wrote this piece during the recent coronavirus lockdown, which is the inspiration behind it.

#Nature          #Lockdown

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