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Issue 1.1    April 2019

shadow person water

Someone once asked me; "Bianca, why do you write?"

On hearing that, my lips arched with a flashed smile and I replied with complete honesty.

"Ever saw something so wrong but couldn't change it?

Ever felt something so cosmic and wanted humans to hear it?

Well, that's why I write.

I write so that I could make my contributions to Earth, to ease the situations I cannot change; situations beyond my human power.

I write so that those cosmic floods of thoughts could be heard; to give them life.

But most importantly,  

I write to build myself; to heal myself

To let out my emotions and get control of them.

I write to discover myself.

To know how deep my demons lie; to find my strength and weakness.

I write to find peace.

For whenever I hold a pen to a paper, my soul reaches the altitudinous peak of complete tranquility."

Bianca Nwokeji is from Nigeria. She is currently studying Medical Lab Science at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She has an enormous passion for writing and hopes to make a world impact through both the written word and philanthropy.


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