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by AFRAH SHEKH (India)

Issue 1.3    December 2019

Write the World Review_Refugee

the first missile tears through the skin;

skinning the embers of

a quenched country




the mosques wail incomprehensibly;

god is detached, god is being called

to god oh god, save us, save us, save us,

we have long since gone past

the ironic intricacies surrounding

our places of worship.


rubble and ash and soot; a second skin,

dissonance and graveyard wombs,

how does one die before living?

how does one pay for sins they do not


how does one accuse the invisible?


pogroms rupture the news headlines;

our children’s bones strung across

border lines are too trivial for your


do you want a family too?

do you want a family too?


terror, terror, terror,

what of the terrorists terrorizing

the “terrorists?” 

or is your humanity selective?

is wanting to live such a

despicable thing?


refuge. refuge.





Afrah Shekh, 18, has grown up in the Middle East with the casualty count in the headlines nearly every week. She hopes this small piece of writing can help make the tiniest change somewhere. 

#Global Citizenship          #Social Justice          #Community

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