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by SAMANTHA WAGNER (United States)

Issue 1.1    April 2019

People walking cross walk city

I believe in

People Places,

A Place for every Person to

Fit, sit, and knit their lives

Into whatever they want them to be.


I believe in

People Places,

That every Person has a right to their Place and

No other Person can take that away.


I believe in

People Places,

That no one belongs


And every

Someone belongs



I believe in


That every one Person has a chance to change the world.

That even a small thing does something,

That every little thing is one thing,

That every Person fills their Place as they wander through life, meeting many other People and visiting many other Places as time goes on.


I believe that no Person should be without a Place.

That every Person should know their Place as where they belong.

Whether it’s as a Daughter, a Son, a Father, a Mother, a Friend, an Acquaintance, a Lover—


Every Person has their Place defined by the People who help to shape it, who stay nearby and give it borders and support it as it grows.


How many Places border your own?

How many Places have you visited, long ago?


Every Person belongs somewhere,

Where only they can fill that space.

Every Person belongs somewhere,

Shaping many People,

Bordering many Places.

Everyone belongs somewhere.

Samantha Wagner, 15, is a sophomore in high school.  She loves to learn about other places and cultures. She believes that in this large world there is a place for everyone to belong, and that inspired this poem.

#Community          #Global Citizenship           #Social Justice

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