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The Ladies Stardust

by Kessler Shumate (United States)

November 2021

Write the World Review

Audio: "The Ladies Stardust," read by Anna Gibbs

August is tangible tonight, Wendy thought, bus ticket cutting her palm.

“I’ll visit. It’s California,” Robin said matter-of-factly. “They’ll have something I like.”

“I’ll find it for you,” Wendy said.

Robin grinned, and Wendy’s heart stuttered.

“Alright?” Robin asked. Front porch shadows painted Robin’s cheeks, her baby hairs teased by humidity. Ziggy Stardust verses drifted in hallowed memories. It sat in a box downstairs with records that prompted Hail Marys from family, smiles from Robin.

You listen for pleasure to some songs, for pain to others, Robin had said. Which was this?

“Alright,” Wendy responded. If their goodbye was “see you tomorrow,” so be it.

Kessler Shumate, age 18, is a freshman at the College of William & Mary. She plans on majoring in biology but also has a love for film, music, and books. This piece is loosely inspired by David Bowie's "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" and the universal nostalgia and longing we weave into music.

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3/9/24, 12:43 AM

This was absolutely a good read! 😃

Ushing Mya

11/24/23, 4:42 PM

I'm amazed by your deep perception towards little things of life! Keep glowing dear Taieba.

Fatima Ismail

10/4/23, 10:28 AM

I'll like to see more of your writing

Fatima Ismail

10/4/23, 10:26 AM

Gsk I love it!

dont care

10/3/23, 7:58 PM

womp womp


9/29/23, 2:03 AM


9/29/23, 2:03 AM

Wow..just wow. Ridiculous words I know. I just stumbled across your poem as this is my first time on the website and I landed this masterpiece. As an immigrant myself, I could relate to several aspects of this. Your use of imagery, symbolism, and allusion is outstanding


9/17/23, 8:43 AM

Powerful. Spreading the truth some don't think about, some don't have to worry about. A great and strong piece.

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

Aisha Yaakub

8/25/23, 10:35 PM

Excellent and amazing

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