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Small Blaze in a Roaring Fire

by Amalou Ouassou (Morocco)

April 2022

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Audio: "Small Blaze in a Roaring Fire," read by Amalou Ouassou

My grandpa’s house rose up
in smoke that domed like psychedelic
mushrooms or dark hot air balloons
towards the horizon, pink as the flames.
It used to be at the edge of the forest.
We think it was a lit cigarette
flicked off the wrist of a driver, racing past,
coughing up puffs from engine and mouth.
It must have fallen on the crisp yellow
grass and dry December weeds
that have seen few drops of rain
since the month of July.
Must have set it ablaze like a witch’s burning
at the stake, after a countdown
of crackling grass blades that inflated
into the roar of witnessing branches.
Witness the cries of the woods and the house.

The walls turned to ash.
The furniture turned to ash.
My grandpa’s only picture from when he was a lad
is somewhere on the ground, turned to ash.
The cold distance that stretched
like melting Antarctica between my house
in Rabat, and Australian woods,
and Californian hells rose like mountains of ash,
flung into my mouth with the weight
of years churning with fuel that
darkened the clouds. The clouds now loom like acid
threats. And even the acid drops
won’t deign to fall on the branch
that the pheasant lost,
on the glade that the toad and cactus lost,
on the voice-filled house, now voiceless
and dead and lost,
on tomorrow's parched up tongue
hanging for a lick of the sky’s offering
like a weary dog waiting for its bad ending.

Amalou Ouassou, 19, is a poet and writer from Rabat, Morocco. He was a part of the 2021 Between the Lines: Peace and the Writing Experience program.

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3/9/24, 12:43 AM

This was absolutely a good read! 😃

Ushing Mya

11/24/23, 4:42 PM

I'm amazed by your deep perception towards little things of life! Keep glowing dear Taieba.

Fatima Ismail

10/4/23, 10:28 AM

I'll like to see more of your writing

Fatima Ismail

10/4/23, 10:26 AM

Gsk I love it!

dont care

10/3/23, 7:58 PM

womp womp


9/29/23, 2:03 AM


9/29/23, 2:03 AM

Wow..just wow. Ridiculous words I know. I just stumbled across your poem as this is my first time on the website and I landed this masterpiece. As an immigrant myself, I could relate to several aspects of this. Your use of imagery, symbolism, and allusion is outstanding


9/17/23, 8:43 AM

Powerful. Spreading the truth some don't think about, some don't have to worry about. A great and strong piece.

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

Aisha Yaakub

8/25/23, 10:35 PM

Excellent and amazing

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