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Life from a different perspective

by Taieba Tabassum (Bangladesh)

February 2023

Write the World Review

Audio: "Life from a different perspective," read by Taieba Tabassum

The glasses

I wore low-power glasses before. I could see myself in the mirror, but not clearly. I looked beautiful in my eyes.

Months ago, I got new high-power glasses. Then when I looked in the mirror, I could see myself clearly. I saw the spots on my face. My face looked different.

I thought, "So, this is what I really am." But I didn’t think that made me less beautiful. I am still a beautiful girl. It took a bit of time, I admit it. But I have finally accepted it.

Love is like that. Whether it is loving myself or loving someone else. At first, you will see only the good and lovable things. Then you will start to know better, and the dark sides too. True love is when you are able to accept you or the person you love in that stage too. That is unconditional love.

The stairs

As a person with disabilities, I need another person’s help when climbing up the stairs or to high places, or while walking on a rough surface. I just need a support. But if that person tries to take control of the process instead of supporting, and doesn’t let me do it at my own pace, then the whole process will get messed up.

In our life, when we are younger, we need guidance from elder people. But if they try to take control of our lives, then things will become complicated and we can’t grow.


My father said something like this once: ‘‘Fog looks scary from a distance. But when you get into the fog, everything looks clear and no longer scary.’’

Something we fear is just like that. When it’s in the distance, it looks scary. But once you go through it, it’s not as scary as you thought. Sometimes it can even turn out to be something better.

Taieba Tabassum, age 17, is a high school student from Bangladesh who is differently abled. She is mainly a writer of short stories, but has branched out into nonfiction too. She dreams of becoming one of the future generation of writers who represent Generation Z.

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3/9/24, 12:43 AM

This was absolutely a good read! 😃

Ushing Mya

11/24/23, 4:42 PM

I'm amazed by your deep perception towards little things of life! Keep glowing dear Taieba.

Fatima Ismail

10/4/23, 10:28 AM

I'll like to see more of your writing

Fatima Ismail

10/4/23, 10:26 AM

Gsk I love it!

dont care

10/3/23, 7:58 PM

womp womp


9/29/23, 2:03 AM


9/29/23, 2:03 AM

Wow..just wow. Ridiculous words I know. I just stumbled across your poem as this is my first time on the website and I landed this masterpiece. As an immigrant myself, I could relate to several aspects of this. Your use of imagery, symbolism, and allusion is outstanding


9/17/23, 8:43 AM

Powerful. Spreading the truth some don't think about, some don't have to worry about. A great and strong piece.

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

Aisha Yaakub

8/25/23, 10:35 PM

Excellent and amazing

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