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In the Spider Web

by Keren-happuch Garba (Nigeria)

August 2022

Write the World Review

Audio: "In the Spider Web," read by Keren-happuch Garba

I was born at home. How it happened is a story my sisters retell on a cold night while we sip tea. But these days aren't ordinary days, though ordinary things are done. The stories they tell me spill out a feeling that the spider web defines perfectly. Its intricate silk fiber connected to form a new path from another's end, loops that began somewhere but can't be found. The feeling is complex, just like the web but deemed beautiful.

I would sit on an old refrigerator that no longer worked by the window, when it was dusk to feed on those stories, piecing the words I've heard into a picture.

It became almost like a wish. To stare into that sunset, the crimson patch of silk and warm yellow washed into the dark clouds of 7:00 p.m., engulfing it but with utmost peace, as the stars, one by one, crystals, the diamonds of nature gave the sky life and to me, something I needed to have, reeling in the "spiderweb feeling.”

Keren-happuch Garba, 18, is a Nigerian undergraduate student. She enjoys writing poetry as well as other forms of creative writing. She loves to read books and play chess.

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3/9/24, 12:43 AM

This was absolutely a good read! 😃

Ushing Mya

11/24/23, 4:42 PM

I'm amazed by your deep perception towards little things of life! Keep glowing dear Taieba.

Fatima Ismail

10/4/23, 10:28 AM

I'll like to see more of your writing

Fatima Ismail

10/4/23, 10:26 AM

Gsk I love it!

dont care

10/3/23, 7:58 PM

womp womp


9/29/23, 2:03 AM


9/29/23, 2:03 AM

Wow..just wow. Ridiculous words I know. I just stumbled across your poem as this is my first time on the website and I landed this masterpiece. As an immigrant myself, I could relate to several aspects of this. Your use of imagery, symbolism, and allusion is outstanding


9/17/23, 8:43 AM

Powerful. Spreading the truth some don't think about, some don't have to worry about. A great and strong piece.

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

9/16/23, 2:41 AM

Aisha Yaakub

8/25/23, 10:35 PM

Excellent and amazing

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