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by TAZ HANCOCK (Hong Kong)

Issue 2.3    December 2020

hand holding lemon

I believe in lemons,

plucked with fissured hands,

mixed with sugar and love and secrets,

baked in a steaming pie.


I believe in rain

and the smell of damp earth,

copper and grief and tears,

forging a home inside this body


I believe in this country,

this soil, founded on prejudice,

forged from bones in shackles,

built on sneers of cold command.


I believe in justice,

in our voices, in theirs.

the cacophony growing louder

and louder and louder,





I believe in you, 

in me, in us.

hands tracing collarbones,

fingers dancing in palms.


I believe in strawberries,

picked from my own backyard,

grown with hope and faith and longing,

blood red and sickly sweet.

Taz Hancock, age 14, is a young writer from Australia and Hong Kong who spends most of her time reading, watching films, writing, acting, and diving. She wrote this piece at the height of the Black Lives Matter protest and hopes that readers will be encouraged to stand up for what they believe in!

#identity          #social justice

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